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 Detergents and Cleaning Products Filling


 Your needs


Our solutions

  • Dividing your cleaning efflents in 4 and your downtime during product changeovers
nos solutions
  • High performance « Clean & Play » cleaning system (PACK’R patented)
  • Entirely automated product changeovers
  • Filling variable viscous product
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  • Multiproduct dosing nozzles (foamy, airy and viscous products)
  • Product infeed under pressure (adjustable pressure)
  • Filling corrosive products
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  • machines with adapted materials to your product : PEHD, PVC and Titanium
  • Filling zone is closed and connected to  a fume extraction
  • Pure air overpressure for sensitive parts of the machine
  • Complex capping (measuring cap, flip top cap, two-pieces cap, angle neck bottle …)
nos solutions
  • Multiple capping carrousel
  • Brushless solution for orientation, torque control ..

CLICK ON PHOTOS to see few examples of Household Chemicals filling machines


detergent filler

 laundry products filler 5L detergent filling machine 5L detergent filling machine

1 litre
100 containers/min

3 litres
180 containers/min

5 litres
30 jerrycans/min

5 litres
15 jerrycans/min

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