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 Lubricants & Car Care products Filling


 Your needs


Our solutions

  • Filling product of variable viscosity at high outputs
nos solutions
  • Product infeed under pressure or directly through a volumetric pump
  • Double flow dosing system for a better precision
  • PACK'R anti-drop dosing system
  • Filling flammable products
nos solutions
  • Ex-proof design : ATEX 94/9/CE conformity certificate
  • Filling corrosive products and downtime durang product changeovers
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  • We design machines with adapted materials to your product :   PEHD, PVC and Titanium
  • Filling zone is closed and connected to a fume extraction
  • Dividing your cleaning effluents
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  • High performance "Clean & Play" cleaning system ( PACK'R patented)
  • Entirely automated product changeovers

CLICK ON PHOTOS to see few examples of lubricant filling machines

 lamp oil filler 5 L lube oil filling machine  25 L lubricant filling machine   petrochemicals drum filling

1 litre
Alcohols and solvents
200 containers/min

1 litre to 5 litres
50 cans/min

25 litres – complete line
15 tons/hour

200 litre drum filler
Up to 125 drums/hour

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