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Sauces and condiments filling

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Our solutions

  • Filling high-viscosity complex products
nos solutions
  • Product infeed under pressure (controlled atmosphere)
  • Diving nozzles to avoid air pockets
  • Multiproduct dosing nozzles (foamy, airy and viscous products)
  •  Hygiene
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  • High performance "Clean & Play" cleaning system (PACK'R patented)
  • External spray nozzles to clean nozzles and weigh scale platforms
  • Ultra-clean design (closed cabinet, GMP, …) 
  • Multi-containers (PET, PEHD, glass, bottles, pails…)
nos solutions
  • "Click & Play" tooling system (ultra-fast format changeovers)
  • Wide filling range : 100 ml/3 litres – 250 ml/5 litres - 3 litres/30 litres …
  • Multi-caps (screw caps, push-on caps, aluminium pilfer-proof capsule…)
nos solutions
  • Multi-capping stations

CLICK ON PHOTOS to see examples of Sauces Filling Machines


 mayonnaise pail filling machine

Volumes :
pails from 2 to 5 kg 
5 litres Jetbar and jerrycans
Output :
up to 5 tons/hour

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