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Bottle | jerrycan | Monobloc rotary filler capper
Volumes 1 litre 3 litres  5 litres  10 litres 25 litres
Outputs32,000 16,000 9,000 3,000 1,500
Estimated output in containers per hour

PACK'R Weigh-Filling System

PACK'R dosing carrousel performs two operations:
  • Filling : the filled quantity is controlled by the weight of the product in the container.

  • Control after filling :  weight control allows checking the measured quantity in comparison with the target, self-correction for any drift, and making statistics and production ratios.

Filling carrousel

Filling carrousel

 Capping System

  • Screw caps
  • Push-on caps
  • Thermoscelling
  • Multiple capping
  • Option : Brushless  system
  • Inert gas purging
  • Leak control after capping
Capping (screw caps)



Capping (push-on caps)

Heat Sealing

Product & Format changeovers

  • Ultra-fast format changeovers thanks to our PACK'R patented  tooling system : "Click & play".
Click & Play tooling system
  • PACK'R "Clean & Play" CIP system  enables you to reduce downtime and achieve extremely short cleaning times with minimum volumes of effluents.


  • Product infeed under pressure
  • Cleaning cabinet or fume extraction
  • Laminar flow
  • Rejection system
  • ...
Rejection system
Monobloc high speed filler capper
  • Filling machines for flammable products
    (ATEX regulations 94/9/CE)
 ATEX filling | Explosive Atmospheres 
  • Filling machines for aggressive products
    (Plastic material used)
  Filling for corrosive products 
  • Filling machines for  food products
    (Ultra-clean filling machines)
 Filling for food products 
  • Filling machines for pharmaceutical products

 Filling for pharmaceutical products 
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