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Up to 40 cpm

PACK’R dosing carrousel performs two operations:

– Filling :  The filled quantity is controlled by the weight of the product in the container.

– Control after filling :  Weight control allows checking the measured quantity in comparison with the target, self-correction for any drift, and making statistics and production ratios.


The PACK’R COMPACT capping system in the outfeed starwheel allows to manufacture very flexible machines with high productivity :

– Screw caps : up to 60 cps/min

– Push-on caps : up to 100 cps/min

Full format changeovers (containers + cap) last less than 30 minutes


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› Jerrycans filler-capper up to 600 CPM

The same filling machine for all the products

A pressurized tank to increase the flow

Filling nozzles with customizable design for each product (double flow, multi-jet nozzles)

Cleaning in Place system (gravitary CIP, CIP with circulation, Clean & Play)

ATEX design, Explosion proof system

Nitrogen purging available before or after the filling (liquid, gaseous)

Suitable materials according to the product (inox 316L, plastic,…)

Mutli-formats solutions

Quick and easy format changeovers ( “Click&Play” tooling system)

Multi-format cap tooling system

Dosing quality

Dosing control with the µPACK’R (PACK’R patent)

No drop system

Product saving up to 10%

Accurate dosing thanks to the weight filling

Record of the weight of each bottle

Capping Quality

Screwing with customizable magnetic torque

Check of the cap position on each bottle

Unrivalled quality of cleaning

Fewer places to clean thanks to the pressurized tank

High efficiency of automatic “Clean & Play” cleaning system

Effluent quantity reduced by 50% with short cleaning cycles in closed circuits

Minimum downtime production

Reduced time of format changeovers

Simple toolings – No tools changeovers – Click&Play

No nozzles changeovers

Reduced time of product changeovers

Diversity of recipes containers / products on the HMI screen

Clean & Fill” Simultaneous fonction with the double tank

Cost reduction

Eco-responsible machine

Energy saving

Product saving

Space saving

Radical reduction of effluents quantity

Reduction of the cost for effluent treatment

Components standardization

Increase of the operational availability

Production batch traceability

Statistic and production results processing

Legal metrology “MID certification

Reduced maintenance

Preventive maintenance on HMI screen

Ergonomic conception

Remote control


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ATEX / Explosion proof design


> Up to 40 cpm


> From 500ml to 30L


> Screw caps, push-on caps, flexspout