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Up to 40 drums / hour – 10 IBC / hour

Pallet drum/IBC filler-capper

› Easy and quick installation

› Ergonomic and compact design

› Easy manual operation

› Many options and ancillary equipment available:

– Conveyor systems and controls

– Manual bunging and crimping tools

– Customized controls and interfaces

– Operator platforms and cleaning stations



Discover ours others drums fillers-cappers of the same range : 

› Drum/IBC filler-capper up to 40 drums/hour (automatic)

› Drum/IBC filler-capper up to 120 drums/hour 

The same filling machine for all the products

Filling lance available for each product (2″, 3″, short, long)

Cleaning In Place or Cleaning out of place

Nitrogen purging available before or after the filling (liquid, gaseous)

Suitable materials according to the product (inox 316L, plastic,…)

A large range of containers : from 20L to 1200L

Possibility to work with 2 balances

Dosing quality

Dosing control with the µPACK’R (PACK’R patent)

Drip tray to wash or to throw

Low or high flow rate management to optimize the outputs and the dosing accuracy

Product saving up to 10%

Accurate dosing thanks to the weight filling

Record of the weight of each empty and full drum

Cleaning Flexibility

Quick and easy Cleaning in Place

Cleaning outside the machine in masked time

Cleaning inside and outside of the filling lance

Minimum downtime production

Reduced time of product changeovers

Diversity of recipes containers / products on the HMI screen

Cleaning outside the machine in masked time

Integrated Automation

Installation management thanks to an API

Connection to the customer production management

A single electrical cabinet to manage the filler and the conveyor

Cost reduction

Eco-responsible machine

Energy saving

Product saving

Space saving

Radical reduction of effluents quantity

Reduction of the cost for effluent treatment

Components standardization

Increase of the operational availability

Production batch traceability

statistic and production results processing

Legal metrology “MID certification

Reduced maintenance

Preventive maintenance on HMI screen

Ergonomic conception

Remote control


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> 40 drums per hour / 10 IBC per hour


> From 20L – 200L drums and IBCs


> Plastic or metal bung Plastic or metal cap seals