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Jerry can Filling Machine for liquids

For over 30 years, PACK’R has been designing machines for filling jerry cans from 500mL to 20L, or even 30L, based on the most advanced weight filling technologies. From semi-automatic to fully automatic filling machines, they can adapt to different shapes and materials. PACK’R fillers also include a capping function capable of handling a wide variety of caps.

Our large range of filling machines have been developed to align with your packaging needs, production rates, and products. Furthermore, we have a strong experience on several markets such as Chemicals, Agrochemicals, Petrochemicals, Paint, Vegetable oils and certain food products

Cutting-edge Technologies for Your Jerry can Filling Machine

Weight dosing gives you the best precision available. Differences in temperature, viscosity and aeration will no longer affect the accuracy of the filling. As a result, your ROI is faster by avoiding over-dosing.

Our Jerry can filling machines can adapt to different materials and shapes: plastic (PET, HDPE or PP), metal or even Jerry can In Box (JIB). Our filling machines also have a capping function that can be adapted to a wide range of caps: screw caps, push-on caps, flexspout caps, measuring caps, etc. Torque control is also possible with our brushless solutions.

Our patented changeover system, with tool-free operation, makes it easy to change from one container size to another one.

Our developments and technologies are designed to:

  • Handle hazardous, toxic, corrosive, foaming and explosive products, etc.
  • Operate in ATEX environments.
  • Fill a wide range of viscosities (pressurized filling solution possible).
  • Provide efficient cleaning solutions. Reduce your washing time and effluent volume thanks to our patented automatic connection with recirculation loop, back flush and other features. Our goal is to cut your production downtimes by cleaning and filling at the same time.
  • Ensure operators safety, while considering the environment and the conditions in which the installation will be located.

In addition, we have solutions such as Cartesian depalletizers and palletizers, launching tables, etc.

Some of our installations are producing for over 30 years, with an average life-time of 20 years, proof of the quality and longevity of our solutions.
See also our filling machines for other containers type: Bottles, Pails, Drums / IBC.

Select your liquid jerry cans filler according to your market


Each company in the field of filling has its own specificities of products. At PACK’R, your problems can easily be solved with our equipment.
Whether you are looking for a single dosing machine or a complete line, we can offer you a solution. More than 1300 PACK’R equipments are now installed all over the world which allows us to present you our achievements.