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Petrochemical filling machines

There is a wide variety of petrochemical products in a wide variety of shapes and sizes of containers. They can be lubricants, windscreen washers, antifreeze solutions, industrial greases, coolants, AdBlue or even synthetic oils. The characteristics of these liquids are highly variable (viscous, foaming, fluid, flammable) and require multi-purpose machines to guarantee optimum performance and output.

At PACK’R we propose petrochemical filling machines that meet your packaging needs. Our net weight filling technologies offer you the best accuracy on this market.


PACK'R, the right technology for your petrochemical filling machine

Petrochemical products can be packaged in a variety of formats, from small bottles and jerry cans to drums and IBCs. PACK’R filling machines can cover all these formats. We offer a wide range of machine configurations to adapt to your production rates and processes. Our liquid fillers can be semi-automatic or automatic. They benefit from patented cleaning systems (CIP, COP) for quick and ergonomic format and product changeovers. These systems also reduce effluent volumes and cleaning additives.

We have developed technological solutions dedicated to the petrochemical products:

  • Specific dosing nozzles (single, double and triple flow)
  • High-performance anti-drip system
  • Integration of dye injection systems
  • Integration of feed systems (pressurised tank, atmospheric tank, tankless)

All our machines use net weight filling technology, which has many advantages for automotive products. This technology eliminates any external influence such as temperature or product viscosity. As a result, we ensure consistent filling accuracy. As well as ensuring the best possible filling accuracy, net weight dosing allows better end of batch management.

Our strength lies in our technical expertise and our knowledge of the latest innovations to meet the specific requirements of each customer. We have a strong experience, particularly in ATEX environments. Our technical developments are also proof of this.

Choose your filling machine for petrochemical products according to your packaging range