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The PACK’R group, manufactures filling and capping machines dedicated to the packaging of liquid products.

Looking for filling solutions for your products? PACK’R technologies will meet your requirements. From the simple machine to the complete production line, teams of experts will be at your side to help you from the study to the realization of your project. Our innovative solutions will help you to improve and optimize your process.

We design your filling machine according to your product (PACK’R filling machines are developed to meet a wide range of viscosity even on very complex products), your container and the desired output. Our filling solutions are suitable for your container from 100ml to 30L (bottle, jerrycan, bucket, jar, barrel) as well as for larger packaging such as drums or IBCs (200L to 1000L).

Création de remplisseuse-boucheuse par Pack'R

A dynamic companyin constant search of innovation

Icône clients prestigieux

Prestigious clients, leaders in their domain

Our equipment is present in many references worldwide thanks to our precision weight dosing system. They have trusted our expert teams to offer them solutions that fully meet their expectations.

Icône bureau r&d

An R&D office at the cutting edge of technology

PACK'R is innovative and active on the subject with numerous patents filed every year. Our Research and Development team is thinking about tomorrow's solutions in order to anticipate our customers' future demands and to advise them in order to optimize their packaging line.

Icône remplissages complexes

Filling of your complex liquid products

We are recognized worldwide for our development of advanced technologies for complex products. We adapt our materials and fillers (e.g. in explosion proof design) in order to cover complex liquids as much as possible.

Icône filiales monde

Subsidiaries in Asia and North America

Also established in the United States and Singapore, PACK'R focuses on proximity and responsiveness of customer service. The knowledge of different cultures, trends and markets helps to simplify exchanges.

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Recognized know-howworldwide

PACK'R exports internationally

With more than 1200 machines present in more than 50 countries around the world, PACK’R is positioned as a world leader in the field of filling complex liquid products.

We offer top-of-the-range solutions based on innovation, adapted to each demand.

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