Our regular diagnostic visits, periodic maintenance and preventive maintenance maintain the efficiency of your equipment and the quality of your products (dosing precision, screwing quality).

Preventive maintenance

Once the equipment is installed on your site, a preventive maintenance manual is given to you so that your technicians can carry out the main maintenance actions independently.

In its services, PACK’R also proposes to provide the list of spare parts to be obtained in order to be reactive and that your technicians can make the modifications to the equipment as quickly as possible.

Contact our customer service to learn more about our maintenance offers and the points that can be checked.

Maintenance audit

Sensitive to customer satisfaction, during the maintenance audits carried out by our experts, we check the performance of your PACK’R equipment, we carry out a complete verification of the state of wear and tear and we listen to you.

Each element will be inspected by our dedicated team, who will give you a complete report with suggestions for modifications to be made for improvement or safety.

You can contact our team to find out which points are checked during the audit and to plan a punctual maintenance of your PACK’R machines.

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