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Filling machine for food products

PACK’R, adapted solutions to fill your food products

Your different containers (bottle, jerrycan, jar, bucket, barrel, IBC) can be filled thanks to PACK’R equipment from the packaging machine alone to the complete automated filling line.

At PACK’R, our goal is to offer you the filling machine for food products (mayonnaise, salad dressing, sauce, beverage concentrates…) that perfectly meets your expectations. PACK’R thinks each project in accordance with your unique needs.

We offer you a wide range of machines with a high dosage precision.

Looking for a filler to package your liquid concentrates accurately and reliably?

Discover our complete range of fillers specially designed to meet the needs of the food industry. Our fillers for liquid concentrates are equipped with the latest net weight filling technology, ensuring accurate and consistent measurement for optimum production. Whether for fruit juices, syrups, sauces or any other liquid concentrate, our machines are perfectly adapted to your product, to the multiplicity of containers, to the materials used and to the output that your production requires.

For over 30 years, PACK’R has been designing and manufacturing semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machines for a wide range of containers: bottles, jerrycans, buckets, drums and even IBCs. Our filling machines are designed to give you the best possible experience.

Choose quality and reliability with our filling machines for liquid concentrates.