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IBC and Drum filling machines for liquids

With a legacy spanning over 30 years, PACK’R Filling Specialists has been manufacturing drum filling machines dedicated to the packaging of liquid products based on the most advanced weight filling technologies. Flexibility often being key to success, our semi-automated and fully automated IBC and Drum filling solutions can fill a wide range of products into various containers. Additionally, PACK’R fillers can be equipped with a capping function that can effectively manage different types of caps.

Furthermore, we have a strong experience on several markets such as Chemicals, Agrochemicals, Petrochemicals, Paint, Vegetable oils and certain food products. Our presence in the chemical industry is growing thanks to our specific expertise in the ATEX environments.

Cutting-edge Technologies for your IBC and Drum Filling Machines

PACK’R offers a wide range of solutions according to your production needs, from small production batch with our semi-automatic systems to large series with automatic drum filling machines. At PACK’R, we know that handling drum is not easy. Also we developed two ranges of systems able to fill drum-by-drum (at speeds up to 120 drums per hour) or drums on pallets and standalone IBC totes (at speeds up to 12 per hour). Product compatibility playing a crucial role in packaging, all our machines can be available with materials in contact with products in stainless steel or plastic.

Our filling machines also have a capping function for drums (2″ bung) as well as a tab seal applicator function (metal crimped tab seal or plastic press-on over cap).

Our systems can be designed to:

  • Handle hazardous, toxic, corrosive, foaming, explosive products…
  • Operate in flammable environment as per ExProof/ATEX guidances.
  • Enable incompatible products to be packaged in the same machine (dedicated product lines).
  • Allows packaging of a wide range of viscosities (3″ filling lance).
  • Provide an effective, hermetically sealed cleaning solution with the use of a cleaning collector.
  • Ensure the safety of operators, while considering the environment and conditions in which the installation will be located.

To complete our filling systems, we have additional solutions for :

  • Single or multi-stage storage of empty metal drums, organized by reference and FIFO output.
  • Getting empty plastic and metal drums out of the pallet.
  • Palletizing of full plastic and metal drums using positive picking up.

Select your IBC and drum filler according to your market