Filling and capping machine


Up to 8 CPM

Description :

The FLEXEO-S is a semi-automatic filling machine for the precise filling of liquids (they can also be viscous and pasty). Many types of products are compatible with this filling machine.
This system can be used to fill all types of standard containers, e.g. bottles, jerrycans, buckets, cans. The product is fed from storage tanks located higher up and uses gravity or pumps. The connection is made through product hoses directly to the valve.
Many configurations and options are available.


› Flexible equipement
› Compact design
› Few tools
› Multi format machine
› Rapid changeover to other container sizes
› Easy operation by one person
› Very high accuracy
› Weighing accuracy not affected by temperature variation

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semi-automatic Filling Machine FLEXEO-S
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Container :Bottles
Industry :Chemicals
Norm :ATEX / Explosion proof design
Cadence :Up to 8 CPM
Capacity :From 500ml to 30L
Caps :Screw capsPush-on capsFlexspout

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