High speed rotary filler capper



Description :

PACK’R dosing carrousel performs two operations:

– Filling : The filled quantity is controlled by the weight of the product in the container.

– Control after filling : weight control allows checking the measured quantity in comparaison with the target, self-correction for any drift, and making statistics and production ratios.

Many possible configurations and applications allow you to conceive a very flexible production line which is able to evolve according to requirements:

– Several capping stations

– Several formats on each station

– Ultra-fast format changeovers

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Container :Pails
Industry :Paints
Norm :ATEX / Explosion proof design
Cadence :UP TO 120 CPM
Capacity :Metal, plastic pails from 500ml to 5L
Caps :Push-in lidsCrimp lids

Technical characteristics and advantages

pressurized tank

Smaller tank

Consistent product flow rate even with viscosity variations

Reduced amount of wasted product

More economical cleaning

No product contamination with closed tank system


No drips

Weight-filling system

Legal Metrology available

Very high accuracy

Weighing accuracy not aff ected by temperature variations

Product savings due to nooverfilling

Tooling system

«Click & Play»® system

Dedicated color tooling for specific containers

Tooling switch requires no tools

Lid placing / pressing

Pail lidding and closing inside the controlled atmosphere No leak

Capping system

Uninterrupted production

Fast changeovers


Check for lid presence and correct positioning

Cleaning system

«Clean & Play»® system

Fully automatic cleaning

Customized cleaning programs

Higher efficiency than standard CIP

Reduced volume of wasted product and cleaning solutions

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