Filling and capping machine


Up to 8 CPM

Description :

The FLEXEO-S is part of our semi-automatic filling machines for liquid products. Many types of products are compatible with this filling machine (they can be foamy, viscous or pasty) and a variety of container types can be accommodated, e.g. bottles, jerrycans, buckets, cans.

Filling accuracy is performed by a weighing scale (control, self-correction and statistics). This machine can come in 2 configurations with 1 or 2 filling stations.

The product can be fed by gravity or by the use of a pump.

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semi-automatic Filling Machine FLEXEO-S
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Container :Pails
Industry :Vegetable oils
Norm :ATEX / Explosion proof design
Cadence :Up to 8 CPM
Capacity :From 500ml to 30L
Caps :Screw capsPush-on capsFlexspout

Technical characteristics and advantages

Many configurations and options are available

Various materials available, stainless steel or plastic (for corrosive application)
> Available in ATEX for hazardous product
> Multi formats machine


Flexible equipment
> Compact design
> Rapid changeover to other container sizes, no tool required
> Easy operation by one person
> Minimum product give-away with very high accuracy
> Weighing accuracy not affected by temperature variation


> Jerrycans
> Cans
> Pails

Cadence and capacity

1L : Up to 300cph with 1 nozzle / up to 500 CPH with 2 nozzles
> 5L : up to 200cph with 1 nozzle / up to 400cph with 2 nozzles
> 20L : up to 120cph with 1 nozzle / up to 240cph with 2 nozzles

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