Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): what is it?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) also called Corporate Social Responsibility is defined as “the voluntary integration by companies of social and environmental concerns into their business operations and their interaction with their stakeholders”, according to the European Commission.

CSR approach

PACK’R is a highly technological company with a vision and anchored values.

The challenges of sustainable development defined by CSR are integrated into the management of our business with the aim of having a positive impact on society.

We also share commitments and behaviors to ensure the well-being of everyone and the future of the company, which must constantly inspire us and guide our actions.

These commitments set out in our ethical charter are notably part of a CSR approach that PACK’R has initiated since 2016. They are articulated around 3 pillars:

RSE engagement sociétal

Social and societal commitment

  • Ensure the health and safety of everyone
  • Respecting people, their privacy and their opinions, refusing intolerance, discrimination, harassment or violence
  • Promote dialogue, trust and team spirit
  • Recognize know-how, develop skills
RSE engagement environnemental

Environmental commitment

  • Acting to protect the environment by controlling risks, limiting energy concumption and promoting waste recycling.
  • Innovate, develop and use technologies likely to limit the environmental impact of our machines, processes and equipment.
RSE engagement éthique

Ethical commitment

  • Act with integrity and exemplarity by excluding fraud and corruption in all areas.
  • Respect the company’s assests, protect the confidentiality of its information, respect its rules.
  • Protect the company’s image with our partners, customers, suppliers, in the media and on social networks.