Dosing of liquid products: which methods? Focus on weight dosing

Because dosing is a key step in the filling of liquid products, the two are sometimes confused in the common language of professionals. In practice, weight dosing is also called “weight filling”.

With an inaccurate dosing system, a filler-capper with an output of 120 packages/minute operating 24 hours a day, more than 8 liters of product will have been over or under dosed. When it comes to high value-added liquid products, the financial losses can be colossal.

What is batching?

In the packaging machinery industry for liquid products, there are 4 dosing methods:

  • Volumetric dosing
  • The debimetric dosing
  • Visual dosing
  • The weight dosing

The weight filling, also called gravity dosing, is a method to measure the quantity of a product by its weight. In the market of packaging solutions for liquid products, which includes foaming products, viscous products and products with a higher or lower density, weight dosing allows for precise filling thanks to a physical unit of measurement: the kilogram.

In fact, this method is suitable for all types of products and depends only on the machine’s scale. We use our patented “µPACKR” solution as a precise weight measurement. The weighing is subject to legal metrology.

Système de dosage pondéral

Eliminating the discrepancies between the calculated quantity and the actual quantity delivered, the weight dosing allows :

  • A bette follow-up the production ;
  • A increase in Filling quality;
  • A reduction of the marginal costs of the company.

At PACK’R, we have privileged the weight filling for :

  • Its adaptation to the industries of our customers (Agrochemistry; Chemistry; Petrochimistry; Vegetable oils; Paint; Food);
  • Its high dosing precision ;
  • Its precise dosage, not affected by temperature variations ;
  • Its economy of product because no overfilling ;
  • The availability of legal metrology