Discover our semi-automatic filling solution for Buckets / Jerrycans and Drums / IBC

Discover our last realization, the FLEXEO-P with U-shaped conveyor which will be installed soon for one of our customers in the field of painting in the United States (design in ATEX for this application).

This semi-automatic filling and capping machine for drums on pallets will allow you to work with all types of products in optimal safety conditions.
The FLEXEO-P machine can fill buckets, jerrycans, drums and IBCs from 20 L to 1000 L in a semi-automatic way. It combines flexibility, compactness and ease of use.

Flexeo-P machine

The advantages:

  • No handling of heavy loads
  • Containers from 20 L to 1000 L
  • Reduction of non-productive times
  • Safety assured for the operators with ATEX realizations
  • Automatic drip tray
  • Legal metrology
  • Simple cleaning system with “Clean in Place

We can integrate many additional equipments, such as the U-shaped conveyor, in order to offer you a complete “turnkey” installation or to make your installation evolve according to your needs.
Our team is at your disposal to discuss your projects, answer your questions and advise you.